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About Us

Our RootsRun Deep

Old Ivanhoe FarmIn 1850, Michael Wirtz left his hometown Luxemburg, Germany. He arrive in New York after thirty eight days at sea. As with many immigrants of his day he soon sought out a place to call home which was Chicago. Michael worked as a farmhand and soon acquired land in Fremont Township. This land was known as Ivanhoe Farm and to this day still carries this name.

Michael married Caroline Hapke and had nine children.

As sixth generation Wirtz’s, we are proud to be continuous owners of the Ivanhoe Farm.

In celebration of our heritage we are moving towards sustainability in the use of our land. It is our desire to grow high quality ornamental trees and shrubs in order to satisfy the needs of the discerning buyer.

Currently we have over 10,000 hundred various trees and shrubs planted and will continue planting more in the future. As we become more established, our plans will include a wholesale yard as well as a retail outlet.