Chicago Wholesale Nursery

Roots Matter.

We are a family-owned wholesale nursery serving Chicagoland and the surrounding areas. We encourage you to browse our plant catalog
and contact us sales information.

Welcome to Ivanhoe Nursery

We are a grower in the Chicagoland area just 60 minutes north of the city. We sell a good selection of various sizes of ornamental trees and shrubs. We provide delivery and planting services. There are a lot of advantages in buying from a local nursery grower.

First and foremost, the trees and shrubs grown here are readily adaptable to the climate and soil types in this area. We tell people “if it grows here, it will grow well in your yard.” Our team here at Ivanhoe Nursery has over 50 years of experience to assist you in helping you find the right tree or shrub for your yard.

Our goal is to provide customers with quality plants at affordable prices with unparalleled customer service.

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